Andra Day – Rise Up [Official Music Video] [Inspiration Version]

“Rise Up” by Andra Day, from the album Cheers To The Fall, available now.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Producers: Thom Fennessey & Ashwin Rajan
Production Manager: Zoe Katz

From the album ‘Cheers to the Fall’ available now.
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Production Company: Collaboration Factory
Director of Photography: Kyle Rudolph
Art Director: Joseph Sciacca
Editor: Luke Ciarrocchi

Andra Day’s Wardrobe: Wouri Vice
Wardrobe: Jaizelle Stenardo

Andra Day’s Hair & Make Up: Emily Garrido
Hair & Make Up: Pam Peitzman

Man:Gregory Mozgala
Woman: Bisserat Tseggai
Man in Parking Lot: Mark Garcia


Rise Up
(Andra Day and Jennifer Decilveo)

You’re broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry-go-round
And you can’t find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains

And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
And I’ll rise up
High like the waves
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousands times again
For you (4X)

When the silence isn’t quiet
And it feels like it’s getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we’ll take the world to its feet
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you (4X)

All we need, all we need is hope
And for that we have each other
And for that we have each other
We will rise
We will rise
We’ll rise, ohh ohhh
We’ll rise

I’ll rise up
Rise like the day
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I will rise a thousands times again
And we’ll rise up
Rise like the waves
We’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
We’ll rise up
And we’ll do it a thousands times again
For you ohhhh ohhh ohh ohhh ohh (3X)


42 thoughts on “Andra Day – Rise Up [Official Music Video] [Inspiration Version]”

  1. Tafue Faumui says:

    Beautiful❣️ May God heal and bless us all.

  2. This song makes me cry every time. The beauty of this life is connecting with every human we meet along our journey. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Void Demon says:

    Imagine someone who'd be there for you like this video. Must be nice.

  4. Essa música foi umas das poucas coisas que me tirou da depressão, espero que assim como aconteceu comigo você encontre e reconheça que você é sua própria luz no fim do túnel. E vamos nos levantar apesar da dor! ✊❤

  5. Brown Giles says:

    You are not alone my sister you are Warrior. Praying for you. Battling since 2004 8 surgery's later.still here Ovarian cancer. Keep raise up

  6. It's a good song you should be proud of your song that you just made right now it is so good that I cry for it😊😊😊😊

  7. At school my teacher was playing the song I was crying because me and my Amy sing the song all the time before she go back to college

  8. Kitty 9tailz says:

    I have a lot of mental issues due to my past and I try very hard everyday to rise up and better my self but it’s hard because every time I sleep I see all the things I lived through time and time again …being so young and dealing with all the rape and being beaten constantly and being abused by everyone around me …I still rise up and realize I dint have to fear the past anymore even if it still haunts me I rise up everyday

  9. Wow.. She really looks like Rihanna!! 😍

  10. love it😍😍😍😍

  11. Pablo Ruan says:

    This song is completely enchanting. It touched my soul!

  12. She is has a stunning voice 🙏🙏♥️♥️

  13. He was killed (the 4 yr me) by some people. I decided to rise up.
    He (the 6 yr old me) was killed in school when he stepped his foot into the school. Still I decided to rise up. I killed a thousand times since then but I decided to rise up.

    I will rise up, rise above the sea…..I believe. 🙂

  14. I been losing loved ones so much lately but I have to be strong for my daughter and show her a strong woman !

  15. Still gives me chills…..and tears 2020

  16. Just Teddy says:

    She looks like Black Trisha Paytas

  17. I have grandparents that passed away from cancer years ago n this song really inspires me everytime I sing this song I have flashbacks where I’m with them again spending time with them 😭😭😭😭

  18. She is so good love you Andra day

  19. Powerful songs enspire me

  20. Only those who have heard this song a thousand times can like this comment

  21. tracy davis says:

    I love your song so much in my life

  22. James Hoult says:

    Her voice is just incredible

  23. she kinda looks like riri

  24. This help me get throw hard times😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. joebob2311 says:

    Like its not a bad song or anything but why does every single TV show insist on using this song. Theres only that many times someone can hear something before getting sick of it.

  26. Erica Proud says:

    I’m in stage 5, end stage kidney failure. I’ve been getting a ton of tests done to get on the kidney transplant list. One of those tests is a stress test for the heart. I just found out I have a blockage and until I get it fixed, I can’t get on the transplant list. Unfortunately the dye used to see the extent of the blockage is very hard on the kidneys and could potentially push me into complete failure…I’m 41 years old. I’m not ready to die, but I am ready to fight for my life…and I will rise up ❤️

  27. When u sing it u feel something that’s make u feel better then sadness

  28. Sasha Ismail says:

    Anyone still listening to this amazing song in 2020?

  29. Crystal E. says:

    I can't find the perfect song to dedicate this to Michael Rudd 1/4/2020….I NEVER thought I would be starting off this year without YOU, but GOD had BIGGER PLANS for YOU, OBVIOUSLY!! I'm speechless & my heart is heavy and I MISS YO ASS LIKE CRAZY!!! It was an absolute honor being your straight wife, you'll ALWAYS be my gay husband!!! You were the FRIEND I ALWAYS PRAYED FOR, so I thank GOD for the moments WE could share in this life, I know we'll be PARTNERS IN CRIME AGAIN!!!😘😍🤗 I have a hard time cooking in the kitchen but I know it'll get easier, just stop by and cook with me sometime!🙏 Thank You for Always allowing me to be MYSELF, THANK YOU FOR YOU JUST BEING YOU!!😘😘😘😘😘

  30. Neva Johnson says:

    I love this song…motivation

  31. Eusebio Mora says:

    When you feel down. When life is tough to you, when you feel exhausted when your waiting that something will never happen.. dude your just a human! all of us will go through this.. don’t be lonely and alone! I’m here.. i can be your shoulder and ear i will listen to you..

    Coz this moment i feel alone and hopeless too

  32. KC DELEON says:

    I will rise up everyday ❤️🙏

  33. Inspirational ! Beautiful

  34. Ron Baron says:

    Every body says that Morissette amon’s version is way better but I don’t agree I think 🤔 she over preforms the song with to much belting and crazy riffing and growling. andra really makes you feel the words of the song. like that saying sometimes less is more. But that’s just my opinion

  35. Could everyone please stop with comments like : who is listening this in (year) There will be always someone who is listening this

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