Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness

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Music video by Chaka Khan performing Hello Happiness. © 2019 Diary Records Inc, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


38 thoughts on “Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness”

  1. Alma G. says:

    Real artist/art/legends never die. 👑🏆❤

  2. This song is giving me gritty sexy vibes.

  3. Aevita Sun says:

    Chakas return is magic. I love everything I've heard so far. ❤️💜💜♥️

  4. soClassic M says:

    Love it .. love her … pay phone Booth was everything them days… CLASSIC…!!!

  5. David Cattin says:

    A whole movie in under 5 minutes! Take my problems to the dance floor, INDEED!

  6. She's the queen, also love the housewife what a great job acting….

  7. Karine grand says:

    Oh Yeahhh Hellooooho happiness goodbay sadnessssssss Fantastic funky music et un joyeux bordel lol

  8. F. Herumusu says:

    That producer is a genius! Bringing the 70ties to 2019, without sounding old. And that scream at 2:54 … I get goosebumps; That's how a deeply hurted soul sounds. Beside a clean 2019 production that song is soooo dirty and groovy: I can smell the sweat form that cheap polyester shirts ans suits.

  9. Fuck Yeah Guys! So cool i love your newold school stile. When are you in Close to Spain?

  10. Stacy Rosman says:

    Chaka Khan,
    With all my love and gratitude to you I will be right back You are not going to believe this Chaka Khan, unfortunately the letter I wrote you went to the next song while I was in the middle of writing the letter which is extremely important. Your next song came on. I’m trying to figure out how I. My name is Stacy Rosman and it’s quite a story it’s funny, it’s cute, it’s endearing. Oh well it is here.
    Oh it’s going to be hard to rewrite the whole thing. I must get back to the copy that I made and I will be right back here to re-write this note to you. Warmly, Stacy Rosman
    By the way with much gratitude always to you.

  11. Arth Wandr. says:

    more you watch more you discover

  12. Hell yeah who’s jamming ?

  13. ngashjr says:

    Imagine a Chaka Khan and Jamiroquai collabo.

  14. Always love that funky beat, it picks me up!

  15. bgbreakdown says:

    Dayum!!! Chaka Khan is killin' it!!!

  16. U do song wid popcaan say a prayer

  17. King of kings bless Chaka khan

  18. Jeff's shop says:

    Great job auntie when can I come over

  19. I may be enjoying this song for the wrong reason, but I really do love that cool electronic xylophone noise.

  20. Hello,,,,,📱📱📱📱

  21. Róbert Èvi says:


  22. That just took me back to my childhood in the 70’s. 💗💗Chaka Khan💗💗

  23. Alex Werdin says:

    I love that she had Ariana grande sample in this song

  24. joeydegraaff says:

    Jezus christ my ears those screams and everything terrible

  25. well that was a trip, just found this after Sugar, Chaka you look and sound amazing…

  26. The Queen of funk-disco-hip-hop has come to reclaim her crown and give us all funksters some musical hope

  27. It really sounded familiar! This song uses samples from Armand Van Helden's 1998 music "You don't know me"

  28. Rod Field says:

    OOOOOhhhh this has soooo much funk it's sending me back, back in time to the carwash

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