Coldplay – Talk

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37 thoughts on “Coldplay – Talk”

  1. crushedz says:

    Brilliant song and lyrics!

  2. those days this song was my favorite ringing tone ..

  3. Purity at its best!! Intelligent song

  4. Pow-pow by Romeo. Thank you for showing all the baking techniques, i.e, folding.

  5. So many beautiful memories we live our lives thorough their songs Magical!

  6. Ahmed Reda says:

    Who listen in 2020? 🙂

  7. Kraftwerk – Computer Liebe. Tell me the riff of this song is not a ripoff of them.

  8. Chris, I want to build on the coast line of California, however, the chip state Oleta river in eastern shores. what do I do? you got any transfers to the california coast line? is it Magic?

  9. All of eternity and beyond

  10. Renato Vale says:

    Dedico essa música a minha filha Ayara!

  11. Sarah Scarpa says:

    first song im listening in 2020 ♥️

  12. The Coldplay of A Rush of Blood and X&Y was simply perfect.

  13. Where my 90s babies early 2000s kids?

  14. Where my 90s babies early 2000s kids

  15. Lowell C says:

    Talk in 2020! This never gets old!

  16. We made it into 2020! cheers to the greatest band ever!

  17. They should go back to this alt rock sound. Enough of that modern pop crap!

  18. Diana Díaz says:

    Bienvenido 2020 con mi banda favorita.

  19. Isa Ra says:

    o som da guitarra tem um ar de melacolico música linda

  20. Nahh now it is 2020 and first music I listened is this ^^.

  21. Robin TV says:

    Sylvester 2019 main song? For me? Yes.

  22. Who listens to this musical jewel in 2020? and forever and for all eternity.

  23. noumayos66 says:

    Je sais bien que c'est vieux. Mais 35 millions de vues seulement. Incompréhensible au regard du nombre de vues de certaines merdes qu'ils ont fait récemment

  24. U2 plays Kraftwerk? U2 plays Coldplay? Or is it just Coldplay?

  25. Hermano de mi alma.. SAMMY necesitamos hablar. Un le AMO desde el fondo de mi ser!!!!!

  26. I'm not even sure if I like Coldplay, but this video pulls me like a moth to a flame. Why is this happening to me? This song is magic to me bu I have no idea why.

  27. Moh Jamal says:

    Tell me how you feeeeeeel😍😍

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