Duff Mckagan – Tenderness [Official Lyric Video]

The official lyric video for “Tenderness” by Duff McKagan
Stream/Download: https://lnk.to/TendernessYD

Pimp Music (GMR) administered by Concord Global Music (GMR) c/o Concord Music Publishing

Produced and mixed by Shooter Jennings
Mastered by Pete Lyman

Duff McKagan – Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Jamie Douglass – Drums
John Schreffler – Guitar, Backing vocals
Aubrey Richmond – Fiddle, Backing vocals
Jon Graboff – Pedal Steel
Jonathan Wilson – Lead Guitar/ Synth
Shooter Jennings – Keys

Video by CreativeWorks.London


48 thoughts on “Duff Mckagan – Tenderness [Official Lyric Video]”

  1. Dizzystj says:

    Very very nice this is a must on tour bro seriously.this could be up there with patience, don’t cry

  2. Tjf Fleming says:

    Can’t believe I just found out about this album. Two great musicians and two of my favorites. Would have loved to seen them on tour. Thank you guys for an incredible piece of art.

  3. Zack P says:

    Does the second verse depict when you sold your soul to the devil, Duff?
    That was meant very respectfully.

  4. With Axl and Slash touch, this song will be more great as “So Fine”

  5. En un momento se te comparto con Sting

  6. Si envías solos de bajo las personas de todo el mundo sabrían más …….,de tu estudios musicales

  7. Totally get this. 🎸⚘⚘

  8. Skyclaw says:

    Gorgeous tune and record. Love the country-like vibe that Shooter Jennings brought, but I also love the obvious Johnny Thunders "Hurt Me" vibes (huge influence on Duff). Rock on brother, keep on spreading Love. m/

  9. F N says:

    he got inspiration from Mark Lanegan & Greg Dulli stuff.. cool 👍👍

  10. Caz Gerald says:

    Wow, really nice. It's like classic Laurel Canyon country-rock with a pinch of 80s Sunset Blvd.

  11. ROOKTABULA says:

    Just came from Duff's interview with Rollins: Why doesn't Jennings have a writing credit on this?

  12. Deicidios says:

    I'd like to listen to that song in one of the concerts of GNR

  13. Duff your a great musician i love this song!! Love and peace Patti from Rhode Island✌🎶🎸🦋💖

  14. Beautiful song, great music, awesome voice. Nice to finally discover your music thanks to Shooter Jennings. He’s in concert near here tonight, opening for GNR. Wish I could have gone to that one, but was one of the girls going to Waylon concerts lol. My offsprings are there tonight so I’ll enjoy that vicariously through them with feedback and pics tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent 🙂
    P.S. Had to edit typos so please pardon those and accept the compliment, as I don’t hand out this type of introduction to myself to many musical artists lol. (‘o’)/🎶

  15. Bowie & Jhonny Thunders

  16. Becky Wood says:

    Love❤️ my Duff crush is back! 😉

  17. Tony Manero says:

    This has such a Prince feel , I love it!!!

  18. Tony Borg says:

    Duff this song is what our world needs… Keep spreading the message… Your whole album sounds like many diferent peoples thoughts and voices… Awesome… Album of the year man

  19. fung fung says:

    People only know you as big big bassist by GNR, but they forget how great your voice is. Really beautiful.

  20. Hell is the absence of God…..Duff..this is so beautiful

  21. Duff….. Love you brother….

  22. Eva Siebert says:

    Honestly this song touches me, I don't know why, but this is magical. Thanks so much, Duff!!

  23. MR. LeRoy says:

    Thank you all for getting back together? Starving on tour sucks. Did you get an expense account or anything?? Per week? Borrowing money suks…

  24. Album of the year to me.

  25. It's sound like David Bowie and bob Dylan just had a baby

  26. 1WildMan ! says:

    Thank u duff mckagan appreciate the songs even if they weren’t for me

  27. m jjj says:

    tears are running through my face… thank God for all those great musicians

  28. True Life says:

    Is it me or does most of his sound like mother love bone?

  29. B Man says:

    I like Duff but this is painful

  30. Deicidios says:

    It makes me cry!!!!!

  31. Gianna 75 says:

    Amazing, touching song 🖤
    Thank you Duff, can't wait to see you in Milano.

  32. So nice ! Voice too!👍😎😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😜😎

  33. Awesome tune. U rock Duff!

  34. Jake Vincent says:

    Sounds great Duff. Nice work.

  35. cody9fitlife says:

    Sounds like some satanic lyrics

  36. emerson cruz says:

    Man it is very beautifull! Awesome work!

  37. guguigugu says:

    im hearing mother love bone

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