Elton John – Step Into Christmas

“Step Into Christmas” was released in 1973 and reached #1 on the Billboard Christmas Singles chart. During the instrumental break, Elton’s lyricist Bernie Taupin can be seen “hitting” the gongs (actually played by percussionist Ray Cooper), after which Elton holds up his beloved Watford Hornets Football Club membership card.

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47 thoughts on “Elton John – Step Into Christmas”

  1. Rayline says:

    Где бла РУССКИЕ

  2. Sam Hayman says:

    By far one of the best christmas songs!

  3. yeah..in a just world this would have been number 1 instead of Mrs Carey..no question about it

  4. i found this song like a month ago and its my favorite holiday song now! i love it so much

  5. Leah Ramshaw says:

    It's already been Christmas

  6. Ollie May says:

    Elton John’s Taylor made army 💛🐝

  7. Perfect Son ! from Christmas . Everyone happy Holidays . Celebrate every days 2019 yours good days !!

  8. One of the most beautiful songs

  9. bryan garay says:


  10. Web Surfer says:

    Chr 73', great memories!

  11. Who’s here again after watching the cabin and Stacey special

  12. I got tickets to see him on tour

  13. 366 days to Christmas 🎄

  14. Ricky E. says:

    The best Christmas song.

  15. Andrew Bevan says:

    Not as good as Slade or Wizzard..

  16. Joe Faraci says:

    If I am not mistaken, this song, Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody and Wizzard's I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday came out in 1973. TOTP must have been awesome that year!

  17. John Smith says:

    This song is beyond terrible

  18. irishsimon99 says:

    Most underrated Xmas song

  19. GuestZer0 says:

    It ain't Christmas until I hear this!

  20. danger says:

    Its kinda sad that christmas just feels like another day now im older, but whenever this song comes on it really takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel happy about christmas again 🙂 thanks elton

  21. Leon James says:

    WHOO CHRISTMAS!!!!🤶🎄❤️

  22. Merry Christmas to all, love from the Westcoast.

  23. MERRY CHRISTMAS! 11:24PM 24/12/2019

  24. JG Studios says:

    This should of been in rocketman

  25. It’s Christmas Eve, ittttttttttts chhhhhhhhhrrrrrrriiiiissstttttttmmmmmaaaaaaasssssss

  26. Dave Carter says:

    Merry to one and all have a great one regards DJ smidnightcaller/Neil YouTube xxxp🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄❤❤

  27. My former driver Jim’s taste of this music 🎶

  28. ChrizPDuck says:

    I quite like it in the higher key

  29. On the way to school 🏫 at my driver Jim’s bus 🚌 I’d formally listen 👂 to this one ☝️ in the 1990s through December

  30. One ☝️ more sleep 💤

  31. Jack Glass says:

    Rock on 🤘 Christmas Eve

  32. Viper Vlogs says:

    tomorrow is christmas 😀 2019

  33. Karl Kerr says:

    Just stepped into summat 💩😁🎄🥂

  34. Karl Kerr says:

    Great Christmas toon 😁🎄🥂

  35. Criss Toledo says:

    Elton john 🎹
    Davey johnstone 🎸
    Dee murray 🎸
    Nigel Olsson 🥁

  36. At 3:51, is that Andy Kauffman?

  37. Carmen GH says:

    The best Christmas song ever.

  38. Archer 777 says:

    December 23rd it’s only 2 days till Christmas

  39. Love Elton John. I like the song too; but it sounds like they recorded this at the bottom of a well. Somebody sack the engineer! A remaster would do this track a world of good.

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