First Light – Lindsey Stirling

First Light from Lindsey’s album Brave Enough:

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46 thoughts on “First Light – Lindsey Stirling”

  1. I love this song…..this and Darkside are my favorite 💖💖💖

  2. Прогресс на лицо как качество клипов так и актерское мастерство . Супер!

  3. I like Lindsey Stirling:)

  4. This song helped me open my eyes to quitting my job and starting my dream calling of starting a business. Thanks Lindsey!

  5. happiness shall live on

  6. Stig Whoishe says:

    Absolutely love this tune it's just gone to the top of my lindsay Stirling favourites list

  7. Romina Duran says:

    Wow lindsey i love you

  8. Lucas Reed says:

    This song always speaks to me saying the sun is coming out.

  9. Tammy Conner says:

    Beautiful, Lindsey you are as brilliant a dancer as you are a violinist. So thankful I stumbled upon you. Your music & videos truly helped me get thru my hospital stay this Christmas. 💛💚💛💚

  10. Hy guysss!!! BRASIL HERE. WONDERFUL BIOMECANIC, Like here, no please…. is The impact of sound and motion

  11. Dale Maus says:

    You are a beautiful woman

  12. I just need to say WOW! And maybe … dang!!!😍😍😍😍

  13. She should grow her hair out… good vid tho

  14. Truly beautiful, Lindsey ❤️

  15. Why 1961 Dislikes? ….do not hear it and look at it … can not imagine that those who like Lindsey hear and see … suddenly a "Dislike" leave there …Except the "Disliker" have absolutely no idea what they are doing 😉

  16. Jay Vyn says:

    Am going to do a song on this …..

  17. Ди Ка says:

    Great. Hope not the last of.

  18. I am sorry Lindsey, but you are turning me on, so I will cancel my membership.

  19. Please come to Brisbane Australia. You are amazing!

  20. Most of the song is a copy from "small doses" of Bebe Rexha. Hers came out in 2017 and this one in 2018, I don't see any credits in here.

  21. todo es realmente increíble, es una chica con un gran talento,. i love lindsey

  22. Россиян что то мало

  23. currently my favorite of hers

  24. endlesstrash says:

    the beginning of this song sounds like the beginning of small doses by bebe rexha

  25. Kerry Anne says:

    In this song for some reason u remind me of Rita ora 😂

  26. Best thing to watch and listen to when your mind is in a dark place ❤

  27. Like si puedes leer sto español xd

  28. I think I forgot my umbrella, could you check the salon ? #sanjose 5 pm #lifeatgoogle Where do you go if you want to get your hair cut? Check it out on #googlemaps Maps … 🌞👉🌕 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lindsey Stirling

  29. Clyde Tippie says:

    Love this song, so full of energy…..

  30. DAISY RETRO says:

    Stunning video as usual! Great violinist! Take a bow everybody!

  31. Dulce says:

    No se cansen su música es lo mejor. Sigan en adelante, no se estrésen en hacerlo, porque al final valió la pena y resultó un exito

  32. Dulce says:

    Siento que esto si nos encaja tu música y de los demás porque nos anima a hacer a algo más grande. Las imágenes y los movimientos son llamativos e creativos

  33. peter tyson says:

    Brilliant. 👏👏👏😊

  34. 林忠 says:


  35. Ioan Pietru says:

    In this song Stirling don't play the violin, maybe something more did it.

  36. Has anyone started accidentally dancing to this?

  37. Carl Sykes says:

    Lindsey, you are nnot only an incredible dancer, vioinist and performer; you are also an amazing person to create such hope and beauty as well as being a living example that life is a very magical and precious journey. Shine lady, shine… because its what you do best.

  38. H Baxter says:

    Lindsey, (beautiful name by the way)My name is Jocelyn I play violin and you are my everything and my idol. On November 26 (or 25) I am going to your concert with my friend for our birthdays ( mine is Nov 30 hers is Nov 28) and I can't wait. I want to meet you, in fact I want to be like you when I grow up. I want to go to Julliard and I want to play my violin (which I now officially own, yay!) full out and love it. One day I really do want to meet you. I feel like we are so alike. I love to play the violin and I also love to dance. You are what makes me happy and I hope that one day you read this comment and comment back to me.

  39. metalmario00 says:

    I love that even though the dancing is choreographed it still looks like she's dancing like no one else is watching.

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