Melanie Martinez – K-12 (Teaser 3)

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Melanie Martinez’s creative drive and talents as a visual artist have long distinguished her from other musicians. With her debut album Cry Baby, Melanie introduced the world to her distinctly original vision with hits like “Pity Party”, “Pacify Her”, “Alphabet Boy”, “Carousel” and “Sippy Cup”. Creating unique music videos for each album track, including “Soap/Training Wheels” and “Tag, You’re It/Milk and Cookies”, Melanie portrays the traumas and insecurities of the album’s titular character over a bed of electro pop, alternative and hip-hop. Her latest triumph K-12, an inspired new album and feature film directed by and starring Melanie, brings together a melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop and indie-leaning electro with whimsical, surreal visuals and magical realism to stunning results.

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26 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez – K-12 (Teaser 3)”

  1. Julisa Rios says:

    Love you Melanie forget about all the bullying you went thru all those people were jerks look at you are better then them now you are famous you are rich and still beautiful love you melanie

  2. Kawaii -Chan says:

    Melanie I’m such a big fan of u I love u so much u I inspire me to be myself and I want to grow up to be a singer just like u I love I so much ur so pretty I love ur style and don’t listen to the people who make fun of u with ur teeth I think u look really pretty with it ok love u

  3. i didnt see the full film and i really wanted to but i have to buy it!!! please upload it free pleaseeeee ily

  4. Is it just me or origanally in the first teaser it said october 9th or something? Just me okay😪

  5. Bun Bun says:

    Billie:I’m the baddd guyy

    Melanie:Hold My cake
    Hold my milk
    Hold my cookies
    Hold my invitations
    Hold my boy
    Hold my tears
    Hold my dolls
    Hold my hat
    Hold my eyes

  6. johnna sohan says:


  7. who is here after you realized mow you cant watch the movie for free anymore

  8. あ._ says:

    I love you Mel 🥰

  9. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO SEE THE FREE MOVE THAT I'VE SEEN LIKE 467373526256484636746373636476 TIMES

  10. I was so glad this was released on September 6 (My Birthday!)

  11. Dayy. says:

    Peoples:i don't think Melanie's coming back
    Melanie:hold my cry baby

  12. Laure tv says:

    is that not elita ????

  13. Dresha802 says:

    This is my favorite of the teasers😂❤

  14. space draws says:

    Now seeing the movie,i get the trailers. XD


  16. Los Plebiz says:

    No wonder the principal wants to control them

  17. lake 1862 says:

    September 6th is tomorrow. Imma pee my pants out of excitment.

  18. kekexsad says:

    Comme par hasard j'adore Melanie Martinez mais le nom de sa musique… K comme la première lettre de mon prénom 12 comme par hasard le 13 septembre c'est l'anniversaire de mon ex ….😰😭😢🤣💔

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