Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Official Lyric Video)

Sing along to ‘Radio Ga Ga’ with this official karaoke style Queen lyric video.
Originally released on the 1984 album ‘The Works’

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Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Official Lyric Video)


31 thoughts on “Queen – Radio Ga Ga (Official Lyric Video)”

  1. Tryit says:

    Guys, hear me out. Freddie was a time traveling lady gaga fan and this song was secretly dedicated to her young self.

  2. People who watch it in 2020
    Like this

  3. Still love queen in 2020.

  4. 2020 and its still a classic

  5. Ed Rian says:

    My first track of 2020💕✊✊

  6. Queen's music never die, I love Queen

  7. Aryan Kaul says:

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  8. Amaterasu 15 says:

    “What do you want micheal”

  9. Ice Flex says:

    We live in the golden age, we can listen to golden music anytime we want

  10. Nossa sem palavras pra expressar tamanho feito

  11. is queen the best band ever?
    no=not a option

  12. 1.8k people who disliked this, are morons

  13. chapala1982 says:

    1.8k piece of shits that don’t know nothing about music

  14. AHRAZ AHMED says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~freddie mercury~~~~~~~~~~~

  15. Rip Michael.. I killed him

  16. That's Michael song in gta 5 trailer

  17. Bruno lima says:

    today's singers: live the drugs!

    queen: long live the radio!

  18. may be queen is the legend band
    but its the past now
    i was born on 2005
    all these songs from 60s 70s 80s 90s are just like a old old movies
    nothing interesting
    though huge respect for kid before 2000 to make them alive till now

  19. mikah ong says:

    Queen was ahead of it's time…

  20. cdtZx4811 says:

    GTA 5 in 2019/2020

    I’ll leave

  21. Only the young'uns need the lyrics LOL

  22. Me trying to learn this by tomorrow for our play auditions

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