Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do

From the album Villains, out now via Matador – http://smarturl.it/Villains_iTunes
Tour Dates & Tickets: http://smarturl.it/QOTSALive

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund – http://www.jonasakerlund.com/

Production Company: Serial Pictures
Executive Producer/Producer: Violaine Etienne
Producer: Mark Berger
Head of Production: Jennifer Gee
Director of Photography: Pär Ekberg
Editor: Marcus Kullgren
1st Assistant Director: Andy Coffing
Production Designer: Emma Fairley
Choreographer: Lisa Eaton
Costume Designer: Maryam Malakpour
Make-up: Ozzy Salvatierra
Hair: Maranda Widlund & Jay Diola
VFX Supervisor / SR Flame Artist: Peter Törnestam
Post Production: Chimney LA, Inc.

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© 2017 Matador Records


29 thoughts on “Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do”

  1. ziplictic says:

    The lead singer looks like the dad from atypical

  2. This is just embarrassing.

  3. Matty Slice says:

    You see what the video is about right? This is the cost of stardom. Attention to details, but in the end, you sign in blood to serve evil. Be it Satan, or Saturn, or the underground space lizard. Your soul is theirs. Love is a failure.

  4. Schecter 7 says:

    This album was dogshit

  5. Am I the only one who is here because of Need for speed payback?

  6. "Let's confuse the shit out of people and steal their souls in the process"

  7. Christopher says:

    You guys know they were supposed to be Kings of the Stone Age? Way better name but they pussed out like a bunch of queens.

  8. I'll be honest… I'm here thanks to Need for Speed Payback.

  9. David Terras says:

    Love the song love the video &I love the huge ginger Elvis dancing

  10. Hackybaby says:

    since when is he a donald trump lookalike?

  11. Monroe M says:

    Nowadays this is called "controversy", eventhough everything you need to know is written all over, right in front of your eyes.
    Pitty, I really used to dig them, but it seems they are really cheap.

  12. Cream…. all over this song.

  13. Zack Klein says:

    Nick Oliveri never should have been kicked out. Then this video would have never been made. This song/video is as bad as cornell killing himself. 😔

  14. gxtmfa says:

    Damn that man can sing.

  15. Ally D says:

    Sexiest voice in the world right now!!

  16. Jorsh Warsh says:

    That dancing is gay af x2

  17. Anonymous says:

    I refuse to believe that Homme isn't an escaped clone of Donald Trump.

  18. fuzzy Parker says:

    Most desirable😚Darling😊😚

  19. onelove1968 says:

    The best artists always explore new frontiers. This was vid was fun, original and cool. Love his singing too.

  20. wait, i thought i've seen his face somewhere outside the music video. now that think about it, there are some part of his face that makes him look like the president trump

  21. I love Kyuss and QOTSA and have for decades….but lets face it, this album and video is their U2 "Pop" a mockery really.

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