Robbie Williams | Time For Change (Official Video)

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34 thoughts on “Robbie Williams | Time For Change (Official Video)”

  1. Happy to share with you the official video for ’Time For Change’. Enjoy x
    From the album ’The Christmas Present’ out now –

  2. That girl on the vid – is that Robbie's wife?

  3. Why is this so UNDERRATED HUH?!

  4. Un video bellissimo, sia x il Natale, sia x i cagnolini meravigliosi, mi ricordano la m i a cagnolina Birba morta un anno fa

  5. Dear your majesty Duke Robbie, please congratulate me on my upcoming flight-trip to Washington, USA till the end of this January, 2020. If you would like, you can join me in Kishinev/Chisinau, Moldova where I am now.
    P.S.: but the main thing in the life to stop making huge mistakes as you did one recently, dear your majesty R.W.

  6. Euch einen wunderschönen Wochenstart
    Zeit mit der Familie nicht nur zu den Feiertagen nutzen sondern so oft wie es geht da diese Zeit so nie wieder zurück kommen wird wenn seine Kinder größer oder selbst erwachsen werden und sind
    Somit verbleibe ich Euch mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Euer Kirk alias Der Schwarze Lord

  7. KaReN -J- says:

    I read your you magazine interview. Thanks very much for closure I appreciate it!

  8. Great song and production! Happy New Year with health first of all, a lot of love and success everywhere!

  9. Que voz do Robbie canta muito

  10. Joseph Guest says:

    Make a new video of fairytales and darkest night

  11. Weltall Kind says:

    Thank you Starsinger, for your Peace in the World. I love you.👑

  12. j'adore cette chanson cest la chanson de la nouvelle année 2020 merci

  13. My favourite christmas song of 2019,,,thank you!!!

  14. Where can I buy this sweater?

  15. wilkatron says:

    Nah this is proper pish.

  16. Europa very good

  17. chrisi123 says:

    His wife looks old..

  18. oh a new song! iris by goo goo dolls, thank you!

  19. He might be a great singer but taking drugs is nothing to boast about, shame he is taking cocaine as once your hooked very difficult to overcome

  20. Aurora More says:

    Lol he got a ugly wife

  21. JanUllrich02 says:

    Robbie Williams style by order of the Peaky Blinders

  22. dcdete says:

    Well the lyrics are nice and the music is generic, but I feel there is one flaw. The "wall of sound" chorus sounds to me like fingernails on a black-board! Or maybe it is my speakers?

  23. Признак на селяния! Защо всички американци искат да са крале и кралици. Комплексари ли са? Селска работа!

  24. Oh I just love it favourite Xmas song ever

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