Top 10 Best of Movie Trailer Music of 2019 | Best Epic Music

Happy New Year!

✖ Track List:
0:00 Sebastian Böhm – Blue Monday (“Wonder Woman 1984” Trailer Music)
3:27 Audio Network – Torsion (“Avengers: Endgame” Special Look Trailer Music)
6:15 Twelve Titans Music – Mission Control (“Ad Astra” IMAX Trailer Music)
8:29 RIAYA ft. John Mark McMillan – Hunter (“Terminator: Dark Fate” Trailer Music)
10:56 Ghostwriter Music – Heart Race (“Dark Phoenix” Trailer 2 Music)
13:31 Score A Score – Replica (“BLACK WIDOW Trailer” Music)
15:22 2WEI – Orion (“Tolkien” Trailer Music)
18:47 Ghostwriter Music – Secret Key (“Frozen 2” Trailer Music)
21:20 Ghostwriter Music – Beyond (“Midway” Trailer Music)
24:46 Ursine Vulpine – Ishimura (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” Trailer Music)

Thanks to The Flash for creating timestamps.

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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Best of Movie Trailer Music of 2019 | Best Epic Music”

  1. the Flash says:

    0:00 Wonder Woman

    3:27 Avengers Endgame

    6:15 Adastra

    8:29 Terminator Dark Fate

    10:56 Dark Phoenix

    13:31 Black Widow

    15:22 Tolkien

    18:47 Frozen 2

    21:20 Midway

    24:46 Dark Phieniz

  2. Barry Tran says:

    my fav one of the year was Audiomachine – So Say We All (Avenger – Endgame title reveal)

  3. Hey man can you answer me this so there’s this song on a trailer come to daddy with Elijah Wood in it go the official trailer and find the song when Elijah Wood goes down the ladder because I can’t find it

  4. Golden Saintia Sho. Athena's Personal Protection Guard.

  5. The movie Tolkien is juste incroyable !!

  6. I was waiting for this……….

  7. A good new beginning of this year, 2020 . Keep up the trend ! I enjoy these songs of Ghostwriter Music !

  8. Sad there's not the last trailer music of Star Wars 9

  9. Amazing start and playlist… but I miss Audiomachine: Ninurta from Dark Phoenix. =(
    btw, Ishimura… Awesome!
    btw2: When I saw the trailer of Midway with the Ghostwriter Music I got really hyped… but the movie =/

  10. One blast of a way to start of 2020 .happy new year's guys

  11. I can always rely on this channel to bring me something different. 💜

  12. Amazing! As a composer of trailer music I'm sure I'll enjoy this! Cant wait

  13. Drop Cake says:

    This is going to be good

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