Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Partirò (2016 Orchestra and Choir Version)

The world’s best loved tenor celebrates the 20th anniversary of his chart topping album with brand new versions of the legendary Con Te Partirò (Time To Say Goodbye).
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We are delighted to announce that on 18th November Andrea Bocelli will release a new, fully remastered edition of his greatest album, Romanza. This special 20th anniversary release features brand new versions of his most iconic song Con Te Partirò (Time To Say Goodbye). It was famously performed by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman in 1996 at the final boxing match of light heavyweight champion Henry Maske, and soared to the top of charts becoming the fastest selling single of all time, selling over 12 million copies.

“For me … Romanza is first and foremost the compendium of my personal history and my history as an artist – it is a piece of my heart which, through the miracle of music, I have been able to share with the world.” – Andrea Bocelli

CON TE PARTIRÒ ORCHESTRA 2016 VERSION – Romanza 20th Anniversary.
Arranged and orchestrated by Gabriele Roberto
Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra, Conductor: Péter Pejtsik
Choirs: Budapest Art Choir, Choral Conductor: Péter Illényi
Recording Producer: David Christiansen
Session Sound Engineer: Gábor Buczko
Pro Tools Engineer: Miklós Lukács Sr.
Recording Coordination: emotionscore, Miklós Lukács, Mixed by Andrea Bergesio at La Pieve Soprana Studios
Andrea Bocelli’s voice recorded and mastered by Pierpaolo Guerrini at PPG Studios, Pisa – Tuscany, Italy.

Camera Crew for the Orchestra and Soprano in Budapest: Gergo Holtzl and Erika Bellencs
Camera Crew for Andrea Bocelli in Forte dei Marmi, Italy: Riccardo Marianeschi, Cristian Alberini, Giuliano Felici for Strani Rumori Studio
Video Editor: Cristiano Zullo for Sugar Srl

Music video by Andrea Bocelli performing Con Te Partirò. (C) 2016 Sugar Srl

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47 thoughts on “Andrea Bocelli – Con Te Partirò (2016 Orchestra and Choir Version)”

  1. David Perez says:

    It’s insane to believe that God actually gave people this gift at this caliber.

  2. S.A Impavido says:

    The hell…these powerful notes coming out of his mouth and he’s all calm like he’s making a sandwhich…he’s amazing

  3. 15 years later and he’s still got it

  4. THICC BLEECH says:

    Anyone else here from Step Brothers?

  5. Thiago TD says:

    Ronaldo so pensa em comer, comer comer

  6. Jim C says:

    I don't understand, how could anyone dislike this?

  7. Que sua voz continue impecável beijos no coração

  8. Desejo a sua família um Natal cheio de glórias um ano NOVO com muita saúde alegria e paz no coração meire BAURU sp Andrea b – de MEire

  9. This gave me goosebumps. So much better than the studio version.

  10. vv8 droid says:

    Sir Bocelli just an idea if you can collaborate with Loren Allred, she was the voice behind the song "Never Enough" in the movie The Greatest Showman" God bless you and your family.

  11. 👁✌ CAIM 🔛 Con te partirò 🔛 I'll go with you 🔛 Eu vou com você 🔛 ABEL 🙏🆗✌👁

  12. Jason Joe says:

    Imagine if the likes of Jussi Björling and Franco Corelli were alive to sing this song…

  13. Abhishek Das says:

    ¡Hermosa canción! Alguien viene aquí después de ver Madagascar 3

  14. brenchrist says:

    yang kesini karna lyodra? hands up 😀

  15. Lyodra indonesian idol bring me to here

  16. Kameron Kail says:

    Step brothers anyone?😂

  17. 2019👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑

  18. Une dès plus belle musique jamais faite dans l'histoire de la musique.
    La puissance d'une voix harmonisé avec un orchestre exceptionnel !

  19. Hape Bokhari says:

    After all this time …. beautiful

  20. Sin jun says:

    Lyodra from Indonesian Idol brought me here… I hope this bring you to Lyodra Indonesian idol!

  21. Greg Stewart says:

    I'm 29 and my friends look at me like I'm a weirdo when they come to my house and I got Andrea Bocelli cranked. I dont care. He is a legendary singer.

  22. Gua ke sini karena Lyodra indonesian idol😎

  23. Hyuga Fauzi says:

    Lyodra membawaku kesini… He he

  24. Jo Ko says:

    LYODRA Indonesia idol

  25. His voice is from heaven

  26. Ane Kei says:

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ amo

  27. Amo sua voz…Deus te abençoe…está música toca minhalma ..bjs

  28. Эй, ПРАВОСЛАВНЫЕ. Как вам это творение?

  29. Tamz 1703 says:

    Whoever disliked this, has no taste in music. This is what real music is, and forever will be. It's beautiful and such a gift to us all…

  30. nurkalay says:

    2019? Woooooooooooooo….. oooow.

  31. nurkalay says:

    This is amasing. From Mongolia

  32. Brennan and Dale's version was better. Pow pow!

  33. Mark Dunne says:


  34. Для меня одна лишь ассоциация, с Кланом Сопрано, до слёз в общем…

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