Santana – Luz, Amor Y Vida (Official Video)

Watch the official music video by Santana performing Luz, Amor Y Vida.
(C) 1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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31 thoughts on “Santana – Luz, Amor Y Vida (Official Video)”

  1. Gosto muito do Santana, desde a década de 70.

  2. santana the mexican legend around the world

  3. любимое- до сих пор, привет из СПБ-2019!

  4. babak1969van says:

    Learned this song the year it came out, next thing started to play with my band! all Santana freaks!!

  5. The verry 👍best music thanks Santana from Algeria

  6. Steve Jones says:

    Hey Santana, I met you in the 90s, in CA, get some of Gods angles music in California, it's bad, a lot of baby killers liberals, leftest. That's not Gods divine order…. no?

  7. My best Santana track by far!!!!! Perfection.

  8. Carlos Santana, amazing piece of work!! His guitar speaks for him as always!!

  9. Carlos Santana one of the Best

  10. hans wurst says:

    Panco Villa brought me here

  11. Wow he will be at the House of Blues tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada!!!! All of that talent and class!!!Radical!!!!

  12. Hans Van says:

    Esto es la recopilación de todo lo mejor de nuestro hermano Santana, es icónico y puro!!!

  13. bpnita cancion. carlitos santana tu musica perdurara en nuestros corazones

    Saludos desde Perú.

  15. В руках карлоса гитара не поет она рассказывает и это просто великолепно!!!

  16. A 927 personas les falto Luz y amor en su vida.

  17. cclady222 says:

    There's not one part of me thats Mexican but they are are our neighbors. Carlos is the best music that came out of that country, grew up with him.
    Shaman respect.

  18. What Album is this from? It's FANTASTIC. I own everything by Santana looking for the song Europa.

  19. Waeel3 says:

    احلا عزف

  20. Карлос Иванович наебуривает!!!😁

  21. iosef says:

    Buen tema …. es el mejor del mundo mudial .. creo q cuando muera le den el reconocimiemto.. como el mejor de la jistotia

  22. is this a jojo reference?

  23. Sin duda los sonidos y notas que el maestro saca a su guitarra son únicos, inconfundibles e irrepetibles. Su forma de rascar y chapurriar la guitarra también lo son y su melodía fruto de sus más de 50 años de trasegar por la música pop también lo son. Siempre será un grande entre los GRANDES!!!!!

  24. Carlos I would so love to sing and play with you. John David Hart Open Eye Universe. Raw demo's of David Bowie made just for us to make magical. 437-998-9221 It is such a blessing to live. I pray in humility for one great chance to show God how much we care for the gift of life. I pray every second of every day…..

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