Songs of 1977 That Should Have Been Bigger Hits

Here is another in my series of hit songs that were just not big enough to have a lasting impression. These hits all charted in 1977.

Tim Moore – In the Middle
Klaatu – Sub Rosa Subway
David Castle – Ten to Eight
Cody Jameson – Brooklyn
Steve Sperry – Flame
Mr. Big – Romeo
Lake – Time Bomb
Robert Gordon w/ Link Wray – Red Hot
Universal Robot Band – Dance and Shake Your Tambourine
Crawler – Stone Cold Sober
Robin Trower – Caledonia
Mesa – Sailing Ships


16 thoughts on “Songs of 1977 That Should Have Been Bigger Hits”

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Stone Cold Sober by Crawler was one hell of an underrated tune. I still have the 45 rpm single…

  2. Klaatu definitely deserves to be on here. They're most well known for "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft", easily their best song.

  3. Romeo by Mr. Big has always been one of my favourites.

  4. Actually, 'Friends and lovers' hit #2, in Billboard.

  5. C.D. Arnold says:

    Another song I recall from this year that should've been a BIG hit is "Cherry Baby" by Starz.

  6. Of the songs that were omitted that should've been included here is "I've Never Been To Me" by Charlene Duncan. It barely cracked the Billboard Hot 100, peaking @ #97. Although "I've Never Been To Me" made it to #3 during it's second release in 1982, it should've been a bigger hit the first time around.

    Brava, Charlene!

  7. it's being at the right place at the right time…………..that's the way destiny rocks.

  8. FlavioGirl says:

    wow gloria loring's song is lovely 🙂

  9. nccvball says:

    Ed, thanks for all the background. I really appreciate it. How was it working with Ariola? They had an eclectic roster but there seemed to be a theme of dance/disco. Did you have any pressure to record songs with a disco beat?

  10. nccvball says:

    Ed, thank you and you are welcome. I thought "Sailing Ships" had a unique sound that should have found a wider audience. 1977 was in a pretty diverse era for pop music.

  11. AllstonPete says:

    a couple of "should've charted higher" tunes
    from Wild Cherry and their follow-ups to "Play that Funky Music"; including "Hot to Trot" and "Baby, Don't You Know" (I believe both charted in 1977)

  12. nccvball says:

    Australia and Canada were goldmines for untapped talent around this time. "Hey, St. Peter" was a great song that sound have been a bigger hit in the States.

  13. nickanddeb says:

    thanks for reviving "red hot". i still have that lp, plus three more robert gordon released during that period.

  14. ReStartMusic says:

    Correction to Klaatu: they released 5 albums in all whith 3 greatest hits albums…

    Studio Albums

    Klaatu, AKA 3:47 EST (1976)
    Hope (1977)
    Sir Army Suit (1978)
    Endangered Species (1980)
    Magentalane (1981)

    Greatest Hits
    Klaasic Klaatu (1982)
    Klaatu Sampler (1982)
    Peaks (1993)

  15. nccvball says:

    Tim just missed the Top 40 with "Second Avenue". I might use that tune when I do 1974. He wrote a ton of music in the 1970's and most of his old album were re-released on a small CD label a few years ago. Now those CD's are out of print and they can fetch between 30 and 100 bucks on the open market.

  16. nccvball says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Much of the information I provide is also a learning experience for me. Once I pick the songs for the video, I will start my research… which is what takes the most time. Look for the 1981 video coming soon.

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