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Eminem – Without Me

[Obie Trice]“Obie Trice, Real Name, No Gimmicks…” [Record Scratches] [Beat Changes] [Eminem]Two trailer park girls go round the outside,round the outside, round the outside.Two trailer park girls go round the

Eminem – ’till Hell Freezes Over

(Eminem)Yo yo yo yo yo (this is)This is my motherfucking anthem (hip hop)To hip hop music (anthem)Cause I’m gonna keep doing hip hop musicuntil the day that I die (aight

Eminem Superman

Intro Oooooh You aight baby? Yaaahhh Yah? Talk to me You want me to tell you something? Uh huh I know what you want to hear A chorus ‘Cause, I

Elisabeth das Musical Die Schatten werden länger

Die Schatten werden länger  [ein junger Ungar:] Die Kaiserin ist schön. [ein ehemaliger Revolutionär:] Wie steht sie zu Ungarn? [ein älterer Aristokrat:] Sie liebt alles, was ihre Schwiegermutter haßt. [ein

English Children Songs Rainbow Purple

Rainbow Purple Rainbow purple Rainbow blue Rainbow green And yellow too Rainbow orange Rainbow red Rainbow shining over head. Come and count The colors with me How many colors Can

Eminem Lose Yourself

[Intro]Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunityTo seize everything you ever wanted, in one momentWould you capture it, or just let it slip? [Verse 1]Yo! His palms are

Eminem Killshot

[Intro]You sound like a bitch, bitchShut the fuck upWhen your fans become your hatersYou done?Fuckin’ beard’s weirdAlrightYou yellin’ at the mic, fuckin’ weird beard (You want smoke)We doin’ this onceYou

Ed Sheeran – New Man

 heard he spent five hundred pounds on jeansGoes to the gym at least six times a weekWears boat shoes with no socks on his feetAnd I heard he’s on a

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

I found a love for meDarling, just dive right in and follow my leadWell, I found a girl, beautiful and sweetOh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for

Ed Sheeran — Shape of You

I’m in love with the shape of youWe push and pull like a magnet doAlthough my heart is falling tooI’m in love with your bodyAnd last night you were in