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Sofia Reyes – R.I.P. (feat. Rita Ora & Anitta)

affiliate program Bim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bomDon’t know what’s goin’ on pero me siento peligrosaFeel it in my veins, ay, ayMe vale tu opinión porque mi boca iba de

Rihanna – What’s My Name

[Rihanna]Ooh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my nameOoh na na, what’s my namewhats my name, whats my

Rihanna – A Child Is Born

As I was walkin’ down the road to Bethlehem one nightI looked up to the sky and there I saw a wondrous sightA star was shining brighter than I’d ever

Rage Against Uo Machine Wake UP

Come on!Uggh! Come on, although ya try to discreditYa still never read itThe needle, I’ll thread itRadically poeticStandin’ with the fury that they had in ’66And like E-Double I’m madStill

Royal Blood Better Strangers

Better Strangers  There’s nothing left inside I found a whole new low My heart is open wide With no love to show I know I got high, but you didn’t


I didn’t mean to end his life  I know it wasn’t right I can’t even sleep at nightCan’t get it off my mind I need to get out of sight Before I end