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Sugar & Brownies DHARIA

affiliate program Some keep a diarySeems like a fantasyBut it may require some love and desireIt’s something to cover meThere’s never a guaranteeThat loving is so easy affiliate program Some

Sidney Samson ft. Shaggy – The Officer

Hey, officer can turn on your siren?I like I do, I’m not going to runPlease, officer can stop your patrol?I wanna have funHey, officer can get up on your radio?Tell

Sofia Reyes – R.I.P. (feat. Rita Ora & Anitta)

Bim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bom-bomBim-bari-bom-bom, bari-bomDon’t know what’s goin’ on pero me siento peligrosaFeel it in my veins, ay, ayMe vale tu opinión porque mi boca iba de rosaDrama’s dead

ZAYN Malik ft. Sia Dusk Till Dawn

Not tryna be indieNot tryna be coolJust tryna be in thisTell me how you chooseCan you feel why you’re in thisCan you feel it throughAll of the windowsInside this room’Cause

DJ Snake – ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi Taki Taki

Wo-oh, oh-ohBáilame como si fuera la última vezY enséñame ese pasito que no séUn besito bien suavecito, bebéTaki takiTaki taki, rumbaWo-oh, oh-ohHi Music Hi Flow (DJ Snake!)Báilame como si fuera

Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruk On My Way

[Sabrina Carpenter:]I’m sorry butDon’t wanna talkI need a moment before I goIt’s nothing personal I draw the blindsThey don’t need to see me cry‘Cause even if they understandThey don’t understand

Sheppard Be More Barrio

Be More Barrio  Be more barrio If you’ve been On the run long Then it’s time to let it be I’m going back to the neighbourhood Where the love is

Jason Derulo – Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)

DrankYoung Money Love in a thousand different flavorsI wish that I could taste them all tonightNo, I ain’t got no dinner plansSo you should bring all your friendsI swear that

Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me

I had a dreamWe were sipping whiskey neatHighest floor, The BoweryNowhere’s high enoughSomewhere along the linesWe stopped seeing eye to eyeYou were staying out all nightAnd I had enough No,