If we define music, ‘our feelings, thoughts or events in order to express the art of a measured and regular voice in the thought of art in rhythm or rhythm is the art of bringing together.’ we can say. In fact, with this definition, we can not explain the importance of music in human life. Music plays an important role in the lives of individuals and societies and is a natural need of man’s nature. The fact that even primitive tribes who have not yet met civilization are interested in music, have discovered their own musical instruments, have discovered music and dance figures is one of the most beautiful examples that music is a necessity for people.

Nature is completely harmonious and a rhythm.. Harmony in nature spontaneously created music. Accordingly, a spontaneous order of nature and the sounds of the beings that make up nature in this order have created music. The rust of the leaves of the trees, the harmony of the sounds of birds, the relaxing effect of the sound of water brings people closer to nature to relax, to relax, to be free from the dirt of the soul and to calm down. Man travels and regenerates himself in the rhythm of nature. Music is healing for people who live away from nature.

Music gives joy and joy to the hearts of those who hear and listen. It trembles the organs of the listener, relieves his soul, relieves his nerves. It makes you forget your sorrows, opens your mind and calms down.. Beautiful sound spreads throughout the body. With a beautiful voice, the blood becomes clear, the soul develops, the heart is rested. Because music is a taste obtained without exhausting the organs. It is only one of the miraculous effects of music that is calm and quiet when mother sings lullaby to her crying baby, that the shepherd manages sheep by playing Kaval, and that people with mental illness who are extremely stressed are calm with music they listen to. Music continues to be one of the most effective treatment methods used in the treatment of mental disorders in ancient times and today.

People’s emotional world is often intense and complex. Even if he wrote books on pages to explain them, he can’t express exactly what he feels. In such cases, Music grows.. He can listen to his own feelings in a song he listens to at the moment. That’s why one needs music when he is most pessimistic and his soul suffers. It’s the music that best understands and explains her. It helps people to explain their feelings and thoughts with beautiful sounds that they can’t explain with words. Music is a special language in which a person can talk to himself or herself and chat with the depths of his / her soul.

Music accompanies people throughout our lives.. Sometimes it tells you in a sad moment, sometimes it transforms your enthusiasm into a dance and helps to reflect around you. Sometimes it’s the medicine of pessimism and sometimes despair. He’s a witness to his very special moments, and he won’t let you forget.. When you say you forgot , sometimes you remember it on a radio, sometimes you remember it with the sound coming out of a vehicle.. Every man has a special music that is his closest friend, refuge, and confidant. While there is a lot of humanity that changes shape from time to time, music will continue to be a man’s companion.

you may be wondering if all of them are just children. In fact, both adults and children are used, but since the brain flexibility of children is much more than adults, it is much easier to observe changes in them. Whatever it is, it’s not too late to play a musical instrument. Let’s teach our children an instrument, even if it’s not our own.